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Zingle and SelbySoft Unite in San Diego

Text-ordering technology provider Zingle and POS software provider SelbySoft will highlight their recently announced partnership at Coffee Fest, June 3-5 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Ford Blakely, founder of Zingle, says he was tired of waiting in long lines every morning at his local coffee shop for his “single shot, soy mocha, 2 pumps, no whip.” Knowing he wasn’t the only frustrated coffee drinker waiting in line for the same order every morning, Blakely created Zingle, a stand-alone text ordering solution.

From the Companies:

SelbySoft is a software development company focused on developing high quality POS software for the coffee industry. Since moving into the food and beverage industry in 1994, the company has grown along with the Coffee & Tea industry. SelbySoft supports thousands of locations worldwide ranging from independent “mom & pops” to larger franchise and corporate based clients.

Zingle, based in Del Mar, CA, changes the way customers communicate with their favorite businesses by making it as simple as sending a text. Zingle’s text ordering solutions provide the fastest and easiest way for customers to text in their orders. Zingle currently operates throughout the US, Canada and Puerto Rico and provides its texting platforms to restaurants, coffee shops, golf courses and other service-based businesses. Zingle is for customers who hate 2 wait and businesses who hate 2 keep them waiting.


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