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Historic Lansing Gas Station to Open as Coffee Shop

A 1920s gas station that’s been vacant for nearly half a century in the Old Town district of Lansing, Michigan’s capital city, is being turned into a drive-through coffee and sandwich shop.

Lansing gas station to open as coffee shop

According to a Lansing State Journal report, the building had for years been attracting prostitutes and drug dealers. “They turned it into something nice, from a pig’s ear to a silk purse,” 72-year-old neighbor Carl Sevenski told LSJ reporters.

The 240-square-foot building, expected to open in three to four months as Artie’s Filling Station, was purchased by 56-year-old Lansing resident Dale Schrader and will be leased to and operated by 29-year-old John Miller.

The shop will open with three employees, according to the report.

The full story: Lansing State Journal



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