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Starbucks Opens In Dallas Funeral Home

A suburban Dallas funeral home that opened a Starbucks within its confines in February has found success on two fronts — turning a profit and helping grieving customers find some comfort in a time of great need.

“When families come to a funeral home to make arrangements and tend to those details that they have to attend to, there is no reason they can’t take a break to have something nice to eat or drink and we wanted to incorporate something familiar and comforting,” Turrentine-Jackson Morrow Funeral Home owner Diana Morrow told Star Newspapers. “So they can sit back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and relax.”

starbucks opens inside dallas funeral home

Full-time barista Veronica Flores, who has worked at the coffee bar since it opened, moving from the funeral home’s flower shop, told reporters that she finds the job more rewarding than her previous work as a traditional barista, as she helps provide solace to people who are suffering through a personal loss.

“People come in here sad and grieving and you’re here and you wanna help and make them feel better,” Flores told the paper. “Sometimes it’s hard because you’re asking them how they are doing and you know they are in a funeral home, but making coffee for them really comforts them. It’s a good feeling.”

For the full story: Star News


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