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Scantily Clad Waitresses Fill San Jose’s Vietnamese Coffee Shops

Coffee shops in a Vietnamese section of San Jose, Calif., identified by a recent City Council-approved sign as Little Saigon have been raising some eyebrows lately as scantily clad or partially nude waitresses have been serving up $4 drinks to big-tipping male customers.

By all accounts, the cafes reflect traditional Vietnamese cafe culture, but the appointment of the city’s first Vietnamese city council member, councilwoman Madison Nguyen, has caused some critics citing illegal exposure and anti-smoking laws to shine light on the dozens of cafes in the area, according to a recent Mercury News report.

“Obviously, wives are pretty angry that the husband is spending five hours at the coffee shop,” Nguyen told the paper. “We are doing something about this. We’re not ignoring it. It’s a tough economy. We understand that there’s a lot of competition among the Vietnamese coffee shops. I don’t want them to be shut down. I do want them to tone it down.”

Police sources, meanwhile, told the paper that although they have heard rumors of women in states of undress serving coffee and illegal smoking, investigating such claims in what has been a stripped down budget year may not represent the best allocation of resources.

For the full story: Mercury News


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