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Ugandan Farmers Seek More Control Over Robusta Production

Despite the fact that Uganda is Africa’s second-largest coffee producer, many farmers their are still getting a bad deal, especially as the international coffee trade picks up, according to a recent CNN report.

That could change if Ugandans could exercise more control over other aspects of coffee production, including processing, roasting and packaging, according to the report.

ugandan coffee bean farmers want more control over production“To me it doesn’t make sense that coffee grows here, transport it green (unroasted) and then roast it somewhere, create jobs somewhere, and develop a culture elsewhere,” Hasoon Kakooza, a Ugandan coffee farmer for the past 16 years said. “All that can be conveniently done here.”

Uganda’s status as a provider or popular Robusta beans, used in French and Italian roasts, has at the very least helped give farmers some of the government’s ear.

CNN reported that a recent government plan would offer $37.5 million in low-interest loans to farmers by 2012, and the Ugandan government has also set aside an initial investment of $300,000 to roast and package Ugandan beans in China.

For the full story: CNN


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