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Buffalo Coffee Roaster Goes Green, Plans Expansion

The roasting operation at McCullagh Coffee in Buffalo, N.Y., has been dealing with a 50 percent increase in coffee bean prices over the past year, but it plans on using a $225,000 “form and fill” machine to nearly double production levels.

According to a Buffalo News report, the machine will also allow for more cost-effective eco-friendly packaging, as well as print with soy-based ink.

“Right now we use polypropylene packaging,which goes into a landfill and doesn’t disappear. If you use our biodegradable, compostable film, it disappears and it doesn’t cost more, it costs less,” Warren Emblidge Jr., McCullagh president and CEO, told the paper. “Being sustainable … means offering a product at the same price as a non-sustainable product, but that has the benefits of being good in origin.”

The investment in the machine, helped in part by numerous grants and funding partnerships, represents the first phase in the expansion of the company, which supplies locally to Walmart and is seeking a similar big client. The second phase would be the addition of a 6,600-square-foot warehouse space.

McCullagh received a $40,000 grant from Empire State Development for the new machine and a $10,000 incentive from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority because of the anticipated increases in energy efficiency the new machine will bring.

“Everybody talks about a partnership. What does it mean? How do you do it?” Emblidge told reporter Maryellen Tighe, referring to the funding of the expansion. “The critical thing is to create economic growth that’s accompanied by job increases, employment increases, or maintenance of their jobs.”

For the full story: Buffalo News


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