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Couple Brings Fresh Roasted Coffee to Alaska Enclave

Island Espresso was born 17 years ago when Leonard and Misty Pickett bought a shaved ice machine for a crab festival in their hometown island, Kodiak, Alaska. In the years since, the business has expanded from a shaved ice cart to an eight-employee, full-service coffee roaster and cafe.

“I knew there was some potential for it because of what I had been seeing in other places, especially in the Northwest,” Leonard Pickett told the Kodiak Daily Mirror in a recent profile of the business.

The roasting component of the operation, dubbed Kodiak Island Coffee Co. came about after the Picketts realized that roasted beans being shipped from the mainland weren’t providing optimal results.

“We had always got our coffee off-island,” Leonard told the paper. “We were getting good products, but freshness with shipping could kind of be in issue at times.”

The Mirror reported that it takes Pickett — who supplies his roasted beans to vendors throughout the area — 12 to 16 minutes to roast a batch of beans, which he has to get from importers in the Lower 48.

For the full story: Kodiak Daily Mirror


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