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Rhode Island Man Creates Mobile Roasting Unit

A South Kingstown, R.I. coffee roaster is taking his business on wheels, converting a one-ton, 15-year-old GMC van into a mobile roasting unit.

Ken Marot, owner of TLC Roasters, told the South Kingstown Patch that he hopes the mobile unit will reach more of the nearby University of Rhode Island population and help show younger coffee drinkers the importance of a fresh roast in the coffee-making process. He said he also plans to use the converted mail van for experimenting with new roasts.

“I call it variegating the roast. I have some beans that are, say like a New England roast. In the same batch I’ll bring some [beans] a little bit further and do a full city roast,” Marot told a Patch reporter. “Different sugars and different flavors develop at different temperatures in the bean. If you can roast with two different types of roasters, variegate the roasting process by blending some lighter and darker beans…it adds some complexity and invention to the process. You end up with a single origin that you’re experiencing…[with] a broader flavor spectrum.”

Marot also told the Patch that he hopes to introduce numerous sustainable elements to the design of the mobile roasting trailer, much of which he has already constructed. Two solar panels on the roof of the truck can heat the water used to 160 degrees, and Marot said he also plans to line a discarded satellite dish with reflective material to heat the water boiler.

For the full story: Patch


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