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NY Coffee Roaster Delves Into Artisan Brewing

A new roasting operation and cafe in Rochester, N.Y. — Jo Bean Coffee Roaster — is introducing many people in its University Avenue neighborhood to single-cup artisan brewing. Co-owner Kathy Turiano told Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle that single-cup brewing represents the next step in education for coffee drinkers throughout the country.

“Before Starbucks, nobody understood espresso drinks. (That second wave of coffee culture) brought a lot of interaction with the baristas and the customers as they made that beverage in front of you. It brought a whole new way of looking at coffee. We are not used to that when we think of brewed coffee,” Turiano told the paper.

Turiano said she plans to offer various pour-over, slow-drip and vacuum brewing techniques to make single-origin coffee drinks for her customers.

For the full story: Democrat and Chronicle



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