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New Owners of Cali Coffee Company to Redefine Roasts

New owners of a California coffee roasting business and cafe are hoping to bridge the gap between the Peet’s Coffee & Tea-inspired darker roasts that have characterized the location for more than two decades and single-origin, Third Wave roasts.

Rich Avella, Eric Hashimoto and Robert Myers recently became co-owners of Peaberry’s Coffee & Tea in Emeryville — located between Oakland and Berkeley — and they hope to redefine the businesses’ roast characteristics, according to an East Bay Express report.

“A dark roast was the norm,” Myers told the paper. “Peet’s certainly introduced that. And then in recent years with a lot of newer companies the pendulum has swung completely in the other direction. There’s always been this attitude that one or the other was somehow correct, but they’re both valid points of view. Both are pleasurable for different reasons, even for different times of the day or for different drinks.”

Avella said the new owners are committed to developing a new and wide range of roasts. “We don’t want to tie ourselves to one roast style,” he said. “Roast degree is a bit of a blunt instrument. Some beans might become more vibrant, more distinctive with different degrees of roasting — it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.”

The new owners also plan to make changes to the cafe operation at the company’s Rockridge Market Hall location, according to the report. Future plans include a pour-over bar and an upgraded espresso machine. The company may also begin selling beans directly from its website.

For the full story: East Bay Express


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