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Upstate NY Company Infusing Water with Natural Caffeine

A startup beverage company in upstate New York is hoping to turn three simple ingredients — purified water, caffeine and theanine — into big profits over the next year.

According to a recent story in Saratoga Springs’ The Saratogian, Steve Gilbank, founder of Mere Natural Inc., is marketing his Element caffeinated water as a simpler alternative to the many flavored energy drinks currently flooding the beverage market.

NY caffeinated waterGilbank says natural caffeine derived from green coffee beans, unlike the synthetic caffeine used in many energy drinks found in retail locations, allows it to remain essentially flavorless.

“When people first hear the phrase ‘caffeinated water’ there’s a little confusion,” Gilbank told The Saratogian. “But once they realize it tastes exactly like water, people are really excited about it.”

Working with the water and caffeine, the theanine, a flavorless amino acid found in green tea leaves, is believed to have some ability to improve cognitive functioning.

“The purified water hydrates, the natural caffeine motivates and the theanine helps you concentrate,” Gilbank said. “It’s a really simple combination, but it’s just that nobody has done it before.”



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