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Starbucks Refining Cafe Operations with Apple iPads

Starbucks has begun giving some of its executive-level employees Apple iPads and other tablet devices to use when they visit individual retail locations. The goal is to allow district executives to use business intelligence software mobile devices, according to a recent Computerworld report.

The report suggested that the iPad and other such tablet devices are ideally suited for business intelligence software because they often include GPS technology, something that’s missing in laptops.

“Tablets are uniquely suited to B.I. so you can stand there talking in a store and have the latest info or a report without having to try to open a laptop,” Starbucks executive Thomas Ball told the magazine.

The company also says it’s not strictly wedded to using iPads in the technology trials.

“The idea is to create a Starbucks model to leverage many devices and have as little as possible of being tied into one,” Ball said. “The iPad is obviously hot today, but HP‘s device might be hot tomorrow.”


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