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Uganda Coffee Exports High in June

Coffee exports from Uganda, Africa’s second-largest provider of the crop, rose 58 percent last month amid record-high coffee prices worldwide, according to the country’s Coffee Development Authority.

Good yields in the western and southern regions of the country allowed coffee produces to surpass national targets, an unnamed official with the Authority told Bloomberg.ugandan coffee bean farmers want more control over production

Despite the good June, Uganda’s coffee exports in the 12 months through September may decline to 2.6 million bags, from an earlier forecast of 3.1 million bags. Approximately 2.67 million bags were shipped last season.

More than 95 percent of Uganda’s crop is rain-fed and grown by small farmers, some of whom recently spoke out to CNN about exercising more control over the production of the tons of Robusta beans used there.

For the full story: Bloomberg


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