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Coffee Drinkers Less Likely to Carry MRSA

A new study is suggesting that people who drink coffee and tea are significantly less likely to carry the potentially deadly bacteria MRSA in their nasal passages.

For the study, released yesterday in the Annals of Family Medicine, of the 5,000 healthy people had their noses swabbed for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which can live in nasal passages without infecting the carrier, coffee and tea drinkers were half as likely to test positive.

Study finds that coffee drinkers may carry less mrsaPeople with MRSA colonized in their nasal passages can spread the harmful bacteria — most often transmitted in hospitals and athletics environments — but may not be infected themselves. According to the study, it is basically unknown why coffee and tea drinkers seem to be at less risk of carrying MRSA than people who regularly drink other beverages.

“Oral consumption, which is the way most of us drink our tea and coffee, does seem to help, but no one is sure why,” Eric Matheson, the study’s author, told Bloomerg News.

The study comes a week after a separate study suggested that coffee consumption may have the ability to ward off symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.

For the full story: Bloomberg



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