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Indiana Roasters Attempt to Personalize E-Commerce

Cousins in Fort Wayne, Ind., have been making a living selling their specialty roasted coffee over the internet. The keys to getting return e-commerce customers, say Patrick Smith and Brendon Maxwell, are a high-quality product combined with personalized packaging, according to a recent Fort Wayne News Sentinel report.

The cousins started their business, Utopian Coffee, in 2006, and know operate out of an unspecified warehouse in downtown Fort Wayne, selling online exclusively.

To try to make their online customer interactions more personal, the cousins add hand-written notes with each order, and they run a program called myUtopia, in which customers can receive special roasts as often as they choose.

“Because our product and packaging is highly personalized and 80 percent of the population drinks coffee (60 percent on a daily basis), it makes for great gifts for employees, clients, etc.” Maxwell told the paper. The cousins currently offer eight to 12 different roasts at a time, including a special “reserve” roast.

The full story: News Sentinel



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