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New Miami Roaster Plans Aggressive Entrance Into North American Market

Kaña Cuban Coffee Roasters is soon to open its first location in Miami, and the company is planning to add numerous locations and eventually become thought of as the “Cuban Starbucks.”

The company is currently offering franchising opportunities and there’s some serious marketing buzz surrounding the opening of Kaña’s flagship location on Flagler Street and Miami Avenue.

Although Kaña’s beans come from throughout the world, it says its roasting style is what distinguishes it from other North American coffee roasters:

What makes us better is our ‘estilo’ [style] of roasting and blending. Our coffees are blended different than ANY other coffee. We roast with a ‘tradicional’ [traditional] Cuban style that allows us to get deep dark roasts without any bitterness or burnt aftertaste. Our signature Hialeah Blend™ was developed to taste like a true Cuban coffee, smooth and strong, that can be used for espresso or as a traditional drip.



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