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New Phoenix Roastery Committed to Women’s Causes

female coffee farmerThree women are renovating and expanding a defunct cafe space to create Perc Up Cafe in the heart of Phoenix’s Coronado neighborhood. Linda Cohen, Jennifer Lancaster and Kathy Lyman, all of whom live in the neighborhood, are also committed to buying from women and donating proceeds to women’s causes, according to a Phoenix New Press report.

All of Perc Up’s coffee will be roasted in house from beans farmed by women in Peru as part of the Cafe Femenino Coffee Project, a social program that involves and supports more than 1,500 female farmers in Bolivia, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru.

In addition to the female-friendly sourcing, portions of Prec Up’s proceeds will be given to a local women’s crisis center.

For the full story: Phoenix New Press






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