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LA Restaurant to Refine Cafe Operations with New Coffee

The owner of a French-style bistro and market in the Los Angeles suburb of Culver City, Calif., has decided to revamp his cafe operations to create a three-headed business model.

Perfect cup of coffeeL’Epicerie owner Thierry Perez, an experienced sommolier, recently told that his bistro and market were thriving, but the cafe element needed a boast, beginning with buying coffee from a new supplier.

According to the story, Perez turned to a San Rafael-based small-batch roaster, Weaver’s coffee, owned by a former protege of Alfred Peet, of Peet’s Coffee & Tea.

Owner John Weaver shared some of his roasting strategy with reporter Tien Nguyen. “Through years of experience roasting coffee, I learned when to hit the sweet spots during the roast — the point in time when you decide whether or not to manipulate the momentum of the roast. When I roast, I have control over the heat and airflow at any point, and therefore can ultimately stop the process when I deem necessary,” Weaver said.

Perez said he plans to serve individually brewed coffee in Timolino modified drippers. “If you take time to make the food, you should take the time to make the coffee,” he said.

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