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Coffee Roaster Brings High-Altitude Mexican Beans to Western Michigan

Oaxaca coffee beans

Alex Fink was on a family vacation several years ago when a flight attendant suggested he and his family visit Mexico’s Oaxaca region for its beauty. He came back with its beans.

That visit to one of Mexico’s coffee-growing regions — near Puerto Escondido in Southwest Mexico — has evolved into a labor of love for Fink.

According to a Grand Rapids Free Press report, Fink, 40, now runs Simpatico Coffee in his native Holland, Mich. Fink buys beans that come from Ethiopian seeds that are grown in Oaxaca’s shaded, high-altitude (above 3,000 feet) farms that produce rich flavor and low acidity.

“Mexico is the fifth-largest coffee producer in the world but not as well-known or branded as coffees from Brazil or Columbia. Part of my market plan is to make people in the U.S. aware of the wonderful coffee beans from Mexico,” Fink told the paper, adding that he plans to remain a single-origin roaster for now.

Simpatico Coffee, which opened in May, operates out of a 2,500-square-foot warehouse with a roaster, a packaging line and three employees. Fink told the paper that he already has approximately 50 regular buyers lined up, and the coffee is selling to consumers for $12 to $15 per pound. The company has already roasted 34,000 pounds of beans since its opening.

For the full story: Grand Rapids Free Press



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