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First Colony Coffee & Tea Closing After 109 Years

logo for First Colony Coffee & TeaAfter 109 years in business, Norfolk, Va.-based First Colony Coffee & Tea is shutting down operations. Owners say the escalated cost of beans is largely responsible for the decision.

The company has granted exclusive rights to Long Island, N.Y.-based coffee roasting company White Coffee to roast and sell First Colony products. First Colony owner Bruce Grembowitz told the Virginia-Pilot that White Coffee will be using the same beans, blends and roast levels to match the existing products.

Both companies have historically sold to restaurants, cafes, grocery stores and other retail outlets.

For the full story: Virginia-Pilot





Marykate Clark

It makes me just miserable to read this (even coming so late).
Those coffees and teas were utterly amazing. And when the coffeehouse of the same name was still in operation on 21st Street in Ghent (Norfolk), it was the only coffee I would ever buy or drink. I think we’ve really lost something of true importance if no one has bought the business and kept it running at the 22nd Street roasting house. I still see the coffee label in the grocery shops. I no longer live in Ghent and fell out-of-touch with the goings on in the old (Greenwich Village -esque) neighborhood, but this is sad.
People who didn’t know coffee culture before there was a Starbucks at every mile marker may not even realize what they missed. And that’s a tremendous loss as it is, but this is worse.

andrea piña torres

Good Morning,
Then we want to make the presentation of our company.

We are a company dedicated to the production of 100% Colombian Coffee excelso, our crops are in the municipality of Chitaraque, in the department of Boyacá-Colombia, at an altitude of 1,650 meters above sea level. We own 40,000 coffee plants equivalent to 10,000 kilos of parchment coffee; also in the area also we have an additional 30,000 plants, equivalent to 9,000 kilos of parchment coffee. The varieties we handle are variety Castillo and variety Colombia.

Processes threshing are done with companies affiliated with the National Federation of Coffee Growers, and the logistics process in the International Physical Distribution is done with specialized companies in the sector, as Euro Shipping Services SA, a subsidiary of MAHE Colombia, which are committed with delivery times at points of shipment and all required documentation.

The product offered is 14 mesh on, but if it is of interest can involve 12 mesh; the profile of our coffee cup is about 80 points


Do you know who sell the Southern Pecan coffee like the coffee from First Colony Coffee Co had in there stock.? The best coffee ever in a flavor, really would like to find again, really loved it.

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