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Hawaii Coffee Farmers File Lawsuit Against Safeway

Kona Coffee bagsCoffee growers in Hawaii are forging ahead with a $5 million class-action lawsuit against Safeway, despite the fact that the grocery giant has already agreed to tone down the labeling of its Kona coffee blend.

The spat began in early August after Kona farmer Paul Uster came across a bag of Safeway’s Kona blend coffee — selling for $8.99 per pound — while vacationing, and Uster noticed that it didn’t specify how what percentage of the Kona blend was actually grown in Hawaii, which is a legal requirement for coffee grown in the Aloha State.

According to several reports, the Kona Coffee Farmers Association filed a lawsuit against Safeway on Aug. 30, even after the grocery company agreed to change the packaging to accurately reflect the amount of actual Kona it contained. The association also called for the boycott of Safeway’s more than 1,700 retail locations.




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