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Best Coffee Shops in the Washington D.C. Area

Citing a brimming coffee culture, the Washington Post has put together a list of the D.C. area’s best cafes and coffee shops.

Move over, Starbucks. Washington is now brimming with coffee shops specializing in meticulously made espressos, house-roasted, single-origin coffees, and drinks topped with foam so pillowy and white, it’s the perfect canvas for a little latte art. But each cafe has its own charms, whether it’s bohemian decor perfect for a lazy Sunday or a sleek bar for a quick sip on the way to work.

The list includes:

Northside Social (Arlington, Va.)

Peregrine Espresso (Washington D.C.)

Qualia Coffee (Washington D.C.)

ME Swing Co., Inc. (Washington D.C.)

Chinatown Coffee Co. (Washington D.C.)

Filter Coffeehouse and Espresso (Washington D.C.)

Grape + Bean (Alexandria, Va.)

The full story: Washington Post


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