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Coffee Roaster Joins Jacksonville’s ‘Town Center’ Program

A Jacksonville, Fla., coffee roaster that had previously focused almost exclusively on wholesale accounts is opening a storefront on a new downtown “artisan corridor.”

Jacksonville Town Center programBold Bean Coffee Roasters, launched by father and son Jay and Jack Burnett in 2007 plans to occupy a 2,000-square foot space on Jacksonville’s Stockton Street, according to a recent report from Jacksonville’s Daily Record.

“We are excited about the neighborhood and the exposure the location will provide,” said Jay Burnett. “We are getting really positive feedback from the neighborhood.”

The business plans to open in late October and is currently interviewing baristas and plans to expand the staff to three full-time employees and five full-time employees, according to the report.

The neighborhood is part of Jacksonville’s Town Center Program, designed “to enhance both the visual appeal and physical infrastructure in older neighborhoods’ commercial areas and corridors; feature community visioning and planning; encourage public-private partnerships; leverage public dollars by coordination with the Better Jacksonville Plan improvements in the areas; and encourage renewal of old commercial areas that in turn will aid and serve the residential users.”




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