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Washington Roasters Join CNBC for Coffee Sourcing Excursion

As part of the upcoming CNBC series “The Coffee Addiction,” Sumner, Wash.-based Dillanos Coffee Roasters — the roaster for Tacoma-based FORZA Coffee Company — joined a multi-continent party to explore how coffee goes from source to cup.

From Dillanos:

CNBC The Coffee AddictionCurious to know where the beans in that morning cup of coffee come from? Dillanos Coffee Roasters – the coffee roaster for FORZA Coffee Company – was asked just that by CNBC in a multi-continent adventure to see how a coffee bean makes it into your cup.

As a part of their upcoming CNBC Original Series entitled, “The Coffee Addiction”, CNBC reporters followed Phil Beattie, Roastmaster for Dillanos, to the deep jungles of Peru.

As the final stop for coffee beans, FORZA Coffee Company cares deeply about the quality and origin of its products. Beattie is responsible for the unique blend of coffee that is served in Forza cafes in the Northwest.

“Coffee is everywhere,” Erika Lowery of FORZA Coffee Company says, “Anyone can do coffee, but not everyone can do good coffee; and customers are becoming more sophisticated when it comes to what is in their cup.”

Lowery, Forza’s public relations director, has spent over 20 years in the industry and has seen the consumer demand change.

“It used to be enough to swing by your local shop and get your ‘specialty coffee’ beverage.  Now our customers want to know where their beans are from, what farm they are supporting and how they are contributing to the sustainability of the industry.  Money is tight and people want to get an exceptional cup of coffee and feel good about what they are paying to support.”

FORZA Coffee Company has chosen the remaining months of the year to highlight a specific growing region of coffee as a part of the One Harvest Project. For the month of September, coffee grown in Tanzania is featured. In October, it is a single origin coffee from Guatemala and from Costa Rica farms.

“Featuring coffee through One Harvest lets us showcase the unique flavors found in these regions. Costa Rica, for example, has a rich aroma, caramel notes, and a clean finish,” Lowery says. “People care about where their coffee comes from. They care about the farmer and the workers who grow the beans.”

As a part of his travels, Beattie helps train the farmers on best practices so that they can get a higher dollar for their products.

In a region where a few hundred dollars a month is normal, farmers working with Beattie are getting $1200 to $1300. The additional money allows for better living conditions for both the farmer and the workers who must provide for their family.

“Coffee is an amazing product” says Beattie, Dillanos’ commitment to find the highest quality products does not go unnoticed. This year, the company was selected as the ‘Roaster of the Year’ by Roast magazine, a prestigious award in such a competitive industry.

“The stakes are very high,” Beattie says in the interview. “The competition among U.S. roasters to find the very best coffee is very tight.”

So next time you step into a Forza, you can know the history and origin of what fills your cup.

“We believe in coffee; but moreover, we believe in people. The strength of Forza can extend past our counter and to other parts of the world…one cup at a time,” Lowery says.

It is for these reasons that FORZA Coffee Company is a proud partner of Dillanos Coffee Roasters and congratulates them on their industry successes!

About Forza Coffee Company
There are more than 22 Forza stores in the Pacific Northwest area and one in Colorado. The company plans to expand into other metropolitan markets and other states in 2012. Forza has been selected as Best Coffee for the last three years by South Sound Magazine, Best Coffee House by Crown In Town, and Best Coffee by Channel 7 in Denver, Colorado.

Forza Coffee Company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Federal Way, Washington. The company operates through company-owned and franchised retail stores. For more information, visit

Forza holds frequent franchise information seminars at its stores. If you are interested in receiving information on how to open a Forza franchise, please go to and register.

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