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Coffee Production In Vietnam Expected to Jump 10 Percent

Coffee production in Dak Lak, Vietnam’s main growing province is expected to increase by 10 percent this season, and experts also predict higher-quality robusta beans, helping meet worldwide demand.

Brazil Coffee CropProduction in Dak Lak, which accounts for about a third of the nation’s coffee harvest, may rise to 400,000 metric tons, according to a Bloomberg report, while Mai Ky Van of October Coffee, Cocoa Co. told reporters that the share of top-grade beans is expected to rise 10 percent to 45 percent.

“The size of the beans is a bit bigger than the last crop,” Vu Dinh Noi, head of planning and cultivation technology at Thang Loi Coffee Co., told Bloomberg. Thang Loi is a state-owned producer that harvests approximately 4,500 acres.

However, larger beans may not necessarily translate to higher quality, as many small farmers rely on natural drying processes.

“Improper drying processes have reduced the quality of Vietnamese coffee in the past,” Nguyen Huy Dao, a trader from Buon Ma Thuot told Bloomberg. “If drying conditions are not good it could result in an increase of the number of black beans.” Black beans do not meet international standards for trade.

The full story: Bloomberg



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