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Baltimore Artists Reinvent Their Favorite Local Coffee Shop

When they got the news that their favorite local coffee shop, Six Mile Cafe, was closing, Debbie Ford and her partner Andy Richardson hatched a plan. Now, six months later, the pair is opening Artist Cafe.

“We want to do our own thing,” Ford told the Baltimore Sun, adding that she and Richardson had previously looked into owning a restaurant, but feared restrictions that might come with a franchise. “I heard about (Six Mile Coffee closing on) June 23, it closed June 30, and we scrambled to grab this up.”

In addition to a full complement of cafe drinks and sandwiches, the pair — with more than 50 years combined as fine artists and painters — plan on continuing Six Mile’s open mic night, and also adding art classes in the cafe’s basement.

“Create your own drink, create your own sandwich, like you would create a piece of art,” Ford told the paper. “Whatever you want, we will accommodate.”

The full story: Baltimore Sun



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