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Louisiana Food Company Selling Coffee In ‘Paper Cans’

In an effort to boost sales as well as cut costs, the Louisiana Food Company is offering one of its coffee roasts in “paper cans,” as opposed to aluminum.

“Not only are the paper cans much more environmentally friendly, we are able to cut our packaging cost almost in half,” company president David Loflin said.

From the Company:

Louisiana Coffee Company dark roastBATON ROUGE, La., Oct. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Louisiana Food Company (OTCBB:LUSI.ob – News), a purveyor of  “Certified” Louisiana specialty food products, today announced that, during the first half of the fourth quarter, its Voodoo Roast Dark will be packaged in “paper cans”.  LUSI’s President, David Loflin, said, “Not only are the paper cans much more environmentally friendly, we are able to cut our packaging cost almost in half.  Plus, the paper cans provide far greater flexibility of use in retail displays.”  The first retail deliveries of the newly packaged Voodoo Roast coffee will be made in the first half of the fourth quarter; the company is currently running an online Voodoo Roast HalloweenSpecial Sale at

“The paper can packaging is amazing and unlike any other we’ve seen,” said Mr. Loflin.  “The Voodoo Roast will jump off the shelves as shoppers pass by, thanks to the label art work.  Even more amazing is that the Voodoo Roast coffee inside the paper cans tastes as good as the art work looks,” he added.

Each of LUSI’s other products carries with it a story inspired by the history and people of South Louisiana, and Voodoo Roast is no different:

“Most Sundays after mass, in the narrow, cobblestone alley behind St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter of 1835 New Orleans, a small crowd of faithful parishioners would gather, clutching their gris-gris bags and excitedly awaiting the arrival of yet another faithful parishioner, Marie Laveau.  Once present, Mam’zelle Laveau would, in famously spellbinding fashion, perform her voodoo ceremony to the delight of the crowd, often enticing her followers to purchase the newest charm or the most exotic herb for their gris-gris bags – after all, people need good luck and a woman has to earn a living.  Our Voodoo Roast . . .” – continued at

Currently, LUSI sells all of its specialty food product lines to retail grocery stores and directly to consumers through its online store –


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