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Hugh Jackman Launches Charity-Driven Coffee Company

Inspired by a recent trip to Ethiopia and a friendship with a local coffee farmer named Dukale, Hollywood star Hugh Jackman today launched a new specialty coffee and tea company, Laughing Man Coffee. The company — aided by coffee industry veterans Barry Steingard and Queenie Fok, is donating all of its profits to charity, particularly to causes related to community education.

From the Company:

Laughing Man Worldwide makes a difference in two ways. By using our resources to find, incubate and support companies and products that believe in the ALL BE HAPPY vision, we can do our part to create jobs, support the entrepreneurial spirt and encourage the ingenuity that is essential to community health. Second, through the successful incubation of companies and products Laughing Man Worldwide gives 100% of the profits it receives from those ventures to charity.

Laughing Man Worldwide believes education is the essential foundation for ensuring a peaceful, healthy and prosperous worldwide community. We support innovative and effective educational initiatives both here and abroad. To begin with, we have partnered with Harlem Village Academies and Dr. Deborah Kenny.
We have visited these schools and consider them to be a premier example of what education can be and can do.

We are driven by the promise, to help, we made to our friend Dukale.

We look to the future with hope, excitement and the open question, who can Laughing Man Worldwide help next? We hope to become a company you trust, welcome into your homes and together make
“ALL BE HAPPY” a reality.


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