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Philadelphia Duo Creates Roasting Company, Mobile Cafe

Renowned Philadelphia chef Jonathan Adams and his childhood friend and artisan coffee expert Damien Pileggi have launched Rival Bros Coffee, a small-batch coffee roasting and monile retail operation.

Love Park in PhiladelphiaThe pair grew up together in Bucks County, Pa., and plan on selling coffee through the company’s website (, and through a mobile coffee shop, according to a recent report.

“It probably sounds a little fanatical, but we sample each and every varietal that goes into our blends, then we adjust the ratios and the depth of the roasts to achieve our predetermined flavor profile,” Pileggi said in the report. Adams, the executive chef of the Philly gastropub the Pub & Kitchen and New Jersey’s Diving Horse, said, “”A great cup of coffee or espresso always starts with extraordinary beans that are roasted with care and precision.”

The pair is currently in the process of retrofitting a commercial truck with high-end coffee equipment for the mobile unit, which will make daily stands in Philadelphia’s Love Park. According to the report, the mobile unit will feature high-end coffee and espresso makers, built-in pour-over stations, and even Italian-made Mazzer espresso coffee grinders. A high-end sound system will keep customers entertained as they wait for their shots to pour.

The full report:


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