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Portland Roasting Expands Into Starbucks Space

A local coffee roasting company that markets itself as a green alternative to large national brands is opening two retail locations formerly occupied by Starbucks inside the Oregon Convention Center.

According to a report by The Oregonian, Portland Roasting outbid Starbucks for the locations last year, and is hoping to use them to brand the company as a viable competitor to larger chains, without having the expense of additional brick-and-mortar cafes.

“In order for our brand to grow, we need to have some store presence,” Portland Roasting managing partner Mark Stell told the paper. “The opportunity for us is to go after Starbucks.”

In line with its processes at other retail locations, Portland Roasting — which was named the “Large Roaster of the Year” by Roast Magazine last week — will be delivering all its beans to the convention center by bike, composting its cups and selling nearly all local products.

Portland Roasting started 15 years ago as one of the first companies to have a direct trade relationship with growers. According to the report, the company hopes the hundreds of thousands of out-of-town visitors will help grow the brand throughout the United States.

“What we focus on is great coffee and selling that message,” Stell told the paper.

The full story: The Oregonian


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