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Santa Cruz Coffee Roaster Operates With Verve

The San Francisco Weekly has been profiling numerous coffee roasters in the Bay Area, which has been on the leading edge of artisan coffee roasting in recent years.

verve coffee roasters logoWhile rosters/retailers such as Sightglass and Four Barrels have made their mark on the area’s coffee renaissance, the paper traveled a little farther south this week to interview Colby Barr of Verve Coffee in Santa Cruz, which Barr said began with a phone call in college that went something like: “You know, we should start a coffee roasting company.”

One of the most interesting answers came when weekly blogger Noah Sanders asked what separates Verve from it’s worthy competitors.

Said Barr:

We buy and roast the best coffees on the planet, and serve them with smiles. We travel months and months to source our coffees directly each year and will continue to do so. However, for us, service is equally as important as quality. We go to great lengths in our hiring and our training ensure the best group of employees around. There are a lot of companies that talk about service, but it’s another thing to really commit to it – especially when it is so easy to loose your head in the clouds of cultivars and tasting notes.

You need to execute on both sides of the fence – “coffee” quality and “customer” service. Nobody is going to care about that $50 half-pound bag of green-tip geisha grown only on the southeast slope of the 1,800 meter farm if you forget to greet them when they walk in the door. The key to getting people deeper into coffee is by first making them feel welcome.

The full story: San Francisco Chronicle



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