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Gun-Fueled Brawl Ends Inside Coffee Roastery

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A fight and possible robbery last week involving at least four suspects ended when a coffee roaster denied perpetrators exit from the back of his San Francisco roastery and cafe.

According to numerous local reports, a fight broke out outside a liquor store near the intersection of 15th Street and Valencia, and at least one suspect drew a gun. According to witnesses, two men then emerged from a car and began beating another man with a bat.

The brawl spilled into Four Barrel Coffee and at least two suspects fled to the back of the store, where they were denied access by Four Barrels roaster Tal Mor.

“That was definitely the most intense thing I’ve ever seen,” Mor told Mission Local.

According to reports, the suspects were arrested after turning around and trying to make their way through the front of the retail location.

The full story: Mission Local




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