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San Francisco’s De La Paz to Open First Retail Cafe

A San Francisco coffee roaster that has been selling beans since 2006 plans to open its first retail/cafe location, although the drink menu may boast as few as four options.

“We want to serve the things we enjoy the most: brewed coffee, espresso, and cappuccino. We’re not saying we won’t offer lattes or americanos, it’s just not going to be something that’s on the menu or something that we’re actively trying to sell,” Sharky Senesac, the head roaster at De La Paz Coffee Roasters,told the San Francisco Weekly. “The idea is to always serve the best coffee we can. However, we want to do it the way we want.”

According to the Weekly  report, De La Paz plans to open the cafe sometime in February at the intersection of San Fran’s 7th and Mission streets. The cafe menu will feature one seasonal drip blend, a single-origin drip, an espresso and a cappucino. According to the report, De La Paz is also taking a nontraditional cafe approach to the interior design:

Instead of a typical cafe layout with customers receiving their drinks and then sitting at a smattering of tables, the new De La Paz will feature a lengthy bar with traditional bar stools. Senesac and company hope that the bar, set in amongst the actual roasting equipment and wholesale beans, will evoke a traditional cocktail bar and inspire the caffeine hungry to sit, converse, and actual taste the coffee they’re drinking.

The full story: San Francisco Weekly



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