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Caffeine Levels Dangerous to Pregnant Women, Study Shows

caffeine levels and pregnant womenA study conducted at 20 coffee shops in Glasgow, Scotland, found that some shots of espresso contained as much as six times more caffeine than others. Researchers concluded that the wide disparities in caffeine levels between the shops could pose risks to pregnant women, as too much caffeine during pregnancy can result in miscarriage or low birth rate.

“The analysis that we did showed the amount of caffeine ranged from 50mg per cup from Starbucks, up to over 300mg per cup from another coffee house, Patisserie Francoise,” Alan Crozier, a senior researcher at Glasgow University, told the BBC. “I was very surprised by this.”

The study was published in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal Food and Function.

“You metabolise caffeine much more slowly when you’re pregnant and people with liver disease do not have the enzymes to metabolise caffeine,” Crozier said. “Our data shows that you can have the recommended amount – and more – from just one shot of espresso.”

The full story: BBC News


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