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Starbucks to Add Beer and Wine to Chicago Locations

Starbucks plans to introduce beer and wine sales to as many as seven Chicago retail cafes by the end of 2012. The move is designed to increase evening traffic.

According to a Chicago Tribune report, Starbucks has not yet disclosed which existing or planned locations will seek licenses to sell adult beverages.

The move in the midwest follows Starbucks’ recent tests of more community-based coffee shops. Six pilot cafes in Seattle and Portland offer beer and wine, as well as small plates of gourmet food. According to the Tribune, some cafes are now even featuring evening events such as music and poetry, depending on the neighborhood.

“We’re really trying to expand the evening daypart,” Starbucks spokesman Alan Hilowitz told the paper. “Customers have told us they want to be able to come in and have coffee, or a glass of wine.” Hilowitz added that sales at some of the pilot locations in Portland and Seattle have increased by double-digit percentages.

The full story: Chicago Tribune


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