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Coffee Shop Employee Arrested for Installing Hidden Camera

An employee of a popular Providence, R.I., coffee shop has been arrested after allegedly setting up a hidden camera in the cafe’s unisex bathroom.

Police arrested 42-year-old Tony Roberts on video voyeurism charges after a young female patron discovered the camera when it fell from underneath the background sink at Coffee Exchange, a popular east side spot among college students at nearby Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design.

According to Providence’s local NBC affiliate,, RISD student Courtney Mitchell discovered the camera, took it home and viewed the footage before turning it over to police.

“As I walked in something fell from under the sink.  I noticed it was a camera in a little plastic case that had a little cut out for the camera,” Mitchell said. “You know it’s like you can see everything; little boys come in, old men, everyone walks in.  It was really disturbing, kind of lost faith in humanity for a minute. I just imagine if my kids went in there, I’d be pretty upset.”

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