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Coffee Snobs vs. Wine Snobs: The Battle Continues

A blogger at ROASTe has responded to a satirical post wine-loving blogger who asserted that “coffee snobs” are increasingly mimicking the snobbery of upper-crust wine culture, even adopting the “air of superiority that marks the most astute and learned wine tasters.”

An admitted lover of both coffee and wine, Chamie argues that the coffee snobs may be onto something, since the processes that go into a fine cup of coffee are much more interactive than merely opening and decanting a finished bottle of wine:

You can make the argument that proper decanting is essential to retaining the full nuanced flavor of a wine but seriously? How much can you do to the wine post-opening to affect and change the flavor of the wine? When you get your hands on a great bottle of wine, you essentially have a finished product. I know that there are people out there who make their own wines without growing the grapes, but it’s a completely different process, and barriers to accessing wine-making as a hobby are a whole lot higher than the barriers to making a great cup of coffee.mean, you c

Serving good coffee, on the other hand, is a participatory thing. You get to make decisions about what you do with your beans — how fine do you grind them? How do you brew them? What proportion of water do you use? What difference does it make to the flavor if you brew it in a press pot as opposed to as espresso as opposed to a pour-over as opposed to an auto-drip coffee maker? And who would ever imagine adulterating a fine wine by adding a spot of milk or serving it half and half with milk or topping it with the perfectly frothed velvety foam and a sprinkle of cinnamon?

The full story: ROASTe



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