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Oregon Roaster’s Hobby Grows Into a Business

After years of seeking the perfect cup of coffee and dissatisfaction with grocery store beans that could have been months removed from the roasting process, a man in Vernonia, Ore., decided to roast his own beans.

Vernonia Coffee Roasters OregonThat was the seed from which Vernonia Coffee Roasters has been growing for the past four years.

“We sell what we drink. That’s it,” Vernonia Coffee Roasters owner Tim Davis recently told the St. Helen’s Chronicle in a profile of the small business. “It started as a personal hobby. I roasted it myself to make sure I got a good, fresh cup. I used to go to the store and find a bag of coffee that was two, three or even four months old sitting on the shelf. I thought there had to be a better way.”

According to the report, Davis now sells direct online, while supplying numerous local outlets, all while holding down a full-time job at the United States Postal Service.

Davis, who roasts just five to 10 pounds per week, told the paper he’s interested in potentially setting up a larger commercial operation with the purchase of a $10,000 roaster, but he’ll maintain a commitment to quality coffee.

“Sure, we could buy cheaper coffee … but people notice and this is definitely not the cheap stuff you can run to WinnCo and get,” he said.

The full story: St. Helen’s Chronicle



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