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Seattle’s ‘Survival Guide’ for Finding Coffee at Night

seattle public market mugNoting how difficult it can be to find a nighttime caffeine fix, even in America’s coffee mecca, Seattle Weekly blogger Rose Tosti has published her “survival guide” for nighttime coffee drinkers in the Emerald City. Says Tosti:

There is, I’m aware, a common belief that coffee is a morning beverage. But frankly, people who believe that coffee is a morning beverage are a lot like people who believe that bacon is a breakfast meatwrong. Bacon is actually an any time meat. Just like coffee is an any time beverage.

The paper’s list of nighttime cafe’s includes: Caffe Vita on East Pike Street, Bauhaus Books & Coffee East Pine Street, Trabant Coffee & Chai on 45th Street, Caffe Ladro, and South Lake Union’s Espresso Vivace.

The full story: Seattle Weekly



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