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California Being Tested as a Coffee-Growing Region

With the local food movement in mind, a California man is hoping to turn carve out his own coffee growing region near Santa Barbara.

Jay Ruskey of Good Land Organics began growing beans several years ago with University of California Farm Advisor Mark Gaskell to see how they would respond to Santa Barbara’s temperate climate, according to a recent report from Eat Drink Explore Media.

They are now growing more than 1,500 plants, representing about a dozen types of beans.

“Many of these plantings will still take a couple more years to get to their first production,” Ruskey told Eat Drink Explore, adding that while beans in Africa or Central or South America may take 6-8 months to grow, his beans have been requiring at least a year.  “We are finding that the coffee plants are pretty tolerable to temperate climates as long as they are protected from extreme weather like frost, wind, and high heat.”

Ruskey said he’s currently selling the beans locally at farmer’s markets.

The full story: Eat Drink Explore Media


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