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Michigan Roaster Gets FDA’s ‘Low Acid’ Certification

coffee beans and acidityA Holland, Mich.-based coffee company has become the fifth coffee roaster in the United States to have its coffee products certified as “low acid.”

Simpatico Coffee Co. owner Alex Fink told the Holland Sentinel that he filed paperwork with the U.S Food and Drug Administration to be able to market three of the roaster’s coffees as “low acid,” which is believed by some to prevent an increase of gastric acid in the stomach. The three coffees were tested by the Food Science Department at Michigan State University.

Low acid coffees begin with the bean, not the roasting process, Fink told the paper. “You have to find the right kind of bean,” he said. “You have to find farmers that prepare it a certain way.”

The full story: Holland Sentinel


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Sheldon L. Green

Peet’s Coffee initial impression in new market — Cleveland, Ohio area. After 6 visits my impression is that Peet’s does not measure up to Starbucks, Caribou, Einstein’s, nor any of the hoards of independents in the area. The coffee served is not hot enough. The iced coffee is virtually tasteless. The counter help truly knows nothing about coffee. And, why do they need to know a customer’s name when ordering at the drive-through. Also, the pastries are too small and overly expensive in comparison with the competition. Very disappointing.

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