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The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles

An L.A. Weekly blogger has identified what he considers to be the 10 best coffee shops in Los Angeles, a city that has by all accounts been invigorated by a new and exciting wave of coffee roasters. Says Tien Nguyen:

It used to be that you just needed one hand to count all the truly outstanding coffee shops in Los Angeles. Now, thanks to a recent surge of brave coffee geeks-turned-entrepreneurs, you need both hands to tick off all the stellar shops in the city, and maybe that isn’t quite enough.

Leading the list is Chicago-based Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, which Nguyen says, deservedly or not, “is the poster child for everything that is wrong about coffee snobs. And sometimes it does seem to take too long to make your cup of joe. Nonetheless, Intelligentsia remains the most reliable spot for a good, more often great, cup of coffee, any time of the day on any day of the week at any one of its three locations.”

The list also includes:

Caffe LuxxeTierra MiaLAMILL Coffee BoutiqueCafecito OrganicoSpring for CoffeeEspresso CieloBalconi Coffee CompanyCoffee CommissaryCognoscenti Coffee

We’d like to hear from you. What locations did the LA Weekly miss?



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