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Rick Perry’s 9/11 Cowboy Boots Inspire Coffee Blend

Rick Perry's boots inspire coffee blendRick Perry’s custom cowboy boots have inspired an Iowa coffee roaster to create a custom blend, known as the “Freedom & Liberty Blend.”

Clear Lake’s Cabin Coffee Company began selling the arabica blend recently for $13.50 per pound. The name comes from the theme of Perry’s infamous 9/11-inspired boots, according to an ABC report.

“They were a pair that were made in June, I think the summer of ’01, and they said, ‘What do you want on top of them?’ And I said ‘I’ll call you back. I was at a loss,’” Perry told ABC News. “And then on the 12th or 13th of September, I called them back and said, ‘I know what I want on my boots. I want an American flag on each one of them and on the left one, liberty and on the right one, freedom.”

Perry’s right boot reads, “Come and Take It.”

The full story: ABC News


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