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Business Professor ‘Retires’ by Opening Coffee Shop

A retired business professor has found himself, along with his wife, working 16-hour days as the owner of a Kitchener, Ontario, cafe. Norman and Jamie Leadbetter opened the 1,600-square-foot Misty Mountain Coffee, a European-style cafe, in May.

“Anyone who gets into business has to expect to work long hours,” 57-year-old Norman Leadbeater told the Kitchener Record. “Even if you talk to executives who run big companies, they work 16 and 17 hour days. But that’s what you have to do to run your own business. I always imagined myself making espressos and lattes and talking to people. That is the image I had of myself.”

The cafe, which employs seven people, includes comfortable and deep chairs, a food menu, Tiffany lamps and a fireplace. Leadbetter told the paper he hopes the environment can provide an alternative to the numerous franchise coffee houses in the area, the interior design of which isn’t necessarily welcoming.

“We wanted to bring service back into this industry,” Leadbeater said. “I have always enjoyed going to coffee shops where I could get good service, and not just be a number.”

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