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Artisan Roaster with New York Roots Opening in Arizona

A new artisan coffee roaster with New York roots is opening a roasting facility in the Tuscon, Ariz., area next month. Yellow Brick Coffee, run by Anna Parreira, plans to roast beans for local specialty coffee shops, high-end restaurants, and luxury resorts, as well as sell beans directly from its website, The roaster will also offer exclusive menu pairing and brewing advisory services to its wholesale customers.

From Yellow Brick Coffee:

Yellow Brick Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster, plans to open its virtual doors to the public in late January. Yellow Brick Coffee’s mission is to “revive the spirit of coffee” via artisan roasting and gathering folks together around a treasured tradition that spans various cultures. Introducing the public to the best coffees the world has to offer is of paramount importance to its mission. Yellow Brick Coffee roasts only coffees that meet “specialty” standards, as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, i.e. coffees with the best flavors, acidity, mouth feel, balance, and aftertaste. The new roastery will be initiating its launch with a tour of Central America.

Ensuring that only exceptional products are consistently offered to Yellow Brick Coffee customers means establishing outstanding, sustainable relationships at the source, with the hardworking farmers that cultivate the coffee beans. Thus, President and CEO Anna Perreira will be traveling through Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador this December to meet with farmers, experience their culture first hand, and sample new and interesting coffees to bring to U.S. consumers. According to Perreira, the founder of Yellow Brick Coffee, “When the farmers see we are interested in their product, they gain confidence that their product is worth the extra care it takes to produce a top quality coffee bean. They understand that our mutual success depends on the value of the product.”

While the company will initiate its own importing as a result of the relationships it plans to advance at origin, it recognizes the value that a trusted importer can bring to the business. Partnering with a small importer out of Southern California has allowed Yellow Brick Coffee the opportunity to work with existing, trusted and respected contacts. “When working with importers, traveling to origin is of utmost importance,” said Perreira, “as this allows us to ensure trade is being conducted fairly with the local farmers. We are looking forward to meeting and thanking our new suppliers face to face.”

Yellow Brick Coffee was conceptualized in New York as a reflection of the city’s vibrant foodie culture. The roots of its first commercial roasting facility are being planted in Green Valley, Arizona, just outside of Tucson. The Yellow Brick Coffee team is looking forward to providing local specialty coffee shops, high-end restaurants, and luxury resorts with its artisan roasts. Yellow Brick Coffee also offers exclusive menu pairing and brewing advisory services to its wholesale customers free of charge. It plans to focus on bringing superior quality, exotic beans to Southern Arizona via the wholesale market, and to consumers across the U.S. via smaller orders placed online at There is speculation of a retail facility in the years to come, with the location yet to be announced.


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