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Oakland Micro Roaster Fuels Bottled Iced Coffee Trend

An Oakland, Calif-based company that describes itself as a micro roaster, Blue Bottle Coffee has introduced two bottled iced coffee drinks. It’s officially a trend.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters released its bottled coffees — called stubbies — in May, and numerous roasters and coffee purveyors have since followed suit.

According to a SF Weekly report, Blue Bottle is offering two products in plastic bottles — its New Orleans iced coffee (“velvety and sweet”) and Kyoto iced coffee (“strong and black”).

“I think the idea of of a bottled, ready-to-drink coffee is very much in a lot of people’s minds, simply because the bar for existing drinks is so low,” Blue Bottle owner James Freeman told the Weekly. “We don’t have [expansion] plans, really, other than to make something delicious and see who’s interested. However, if it seems like there is clamoring for wider distribution, then I think we’ll be able to figure out how to scale it up to sell it in more than two of our shops.”

Freeman added that the decision to use plastic bottles — they resemble Odwalla-brand juice bottles — rather than glass was made because glass couldn’t withstand the cold pasteurization process, telling the paper, “If we can scale up [production], we can switch to bioplastic or petroleum-free plastic.”

The full story: SF Weekly


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