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Cafe Imports Supplying World Coffee Roasting Challenge

Minneapolis-based Cafe Imports has been chosen to supply the green coffee for the inaugural World Coffee Roasting Challenge, taking place at the World of Coffee Event in Vienna this summer.

Cafe Imports Supplying Coffee Roasting ChallengeA precursor to the 2013 World Coffee Roasting Championship, the Coffee Roasting Challenge is a competitive event designed to feature the talent and skill of the dedicated men and women involved in the artisanal craft of roasting specialty coffee. The Challenge debuts at the World of Coffee event in Vienna, Austria, June 13-15.

Competitors in the new three-stage event will be evaluated on their performance evaluating the quality of green coffee (coffee grading), developing a roasting profile that best accentuates the desirable characteristics of that coffee, and on the ultimate cup quality of coffees roasted. Cafe Imports is setting aside three lots of beans for the event.


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