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Espresso Fuels World’s Largest Auto Show in Detroit

There’s expected to be a big buzz on the trade show floor when the North American International Auto Show opens for the public Saturday in Detroit — a coffee buzz.

Coffee fuels the world's largest auto showAccording to a Crain’s Detroit Business report, the number of espresso machines needed at the show may provide a pretty good indication of the economic health of the automotive industry, and the economy as a whole.

Supplying the show with beans and approximately 25 baristas is Bloomfield Hills, Mich.-based Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co., which, when times are good, will burn through about 100 pounds of organic and single-origin beans during the week-long event, according to the report.

Writes Crain’s Nathan Skid:

In 2007, a time when economic collapse seemed unimaginable, Great Lakes supplied 20 espresso machines during the two-day event.

In 2009, a year after the spark plugs hit the fan belt, it supplied just five.

This year, Great Lakes Coffee is providing 13 Franke Espresso Machines at a cost of $12,000 a pop and two La Marzocco machines with a price tag of $15,000 each.

Last year it had 11 espresso machines on the show floor.

The full story: Crain’s Detroit Business 


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