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Baristas Found Writing Offensive Names on To-Go Cups

Baristas writing customers’ names on to-go cups in order to establish some relationship and, importantly, get the drink order right has become a popular practice. Unfortunately, it seems some hot-tempered baristas have used the practice to exact revenge on customers.

Name hand-written on starbucks coffee cupNew York Times bestselling writer Celia Rivenbark reviewed some recent incidents in which the strategy has led to customer relations nightmares.

When your name is called out, you feel an instant connection. “That barista and I have a RELATIONSHIP!” you might even think to yourself. I like to have a little fun with it and never say my real name, usually rotating through celebrity favorites. This week, it’s Beyonce’s baby’s name: “My name? It’s Blue Ivy. That’s blue like the color, ivy like the lousy football league…”

But customers aren’t the only ones using false names. Rivenbark recalls an incident last fall in which a Starbucks barista wrote the word “bitch” on a complaining customer’s to-go cup. Last week, an employee at a Papa John’s restaurant in location allegedly wrote “Lady Chinky Eyes” on a receipt for an Asian woman waiting on her pizza. The woman promptly posted the note on Twitter.

Rivenbark correctly sides with the customers in these unfortunate incidents:

Sure, customers, particularly the high-maintenance among us, might inspire a muttered slam but nobody ever said it was OK to put it in writing. I get that we can be annoying when we ask you six times if you’re sure it’s decaf like our hearts are going to bang out of our chests and onto the floor if it’s not, or when we say: “This is America. I don’t speak ‘grande.'”

So, yes, customers can be jerks but that doesn’t mean you can call us names. And identifying a customer by a perceived physical trait is just rude.

The full story: Sacramento Bee



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