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Denver Craft Roaster Opening Roasting, Retail Location

A Denver-based coffee roaster with a focus on simple coffee from quality farmers is expanding its operations by opening a new roasting and retail location.

Corvus Coffee owner Phil Goodlaxson told Denver’s Westword that the new location, on Denver’s South Broadway, will allow the fledgeling company to focus on retail, as well as wholesale.

Corvus Coffee opening new roasting location“It’s a really good way to start out,” he said. “Denver’s at a really good point for coffee . People seek out good coffee, and they’re into the visibility and farm-to-table aspects of food. Specialty coffee is about finding a clear line of sight from the coffee cup: where it comes from and what it tastes like, with an emphasis on the farmer. Roasting right on site really engages people in that conversation.”

According to the report, Goodlaxson studied and worked in the business world before trying to turn his passion for artisan coffee into a business.

Goodlaxson was reportedly inspired by Jeff Babcock, owner of Seattle’s Zoka Coffee. “He said, ‘You should go to Norway,'” Goodlaxson told Westword. “And at first I said, ‘What? Norway?’ But there’s such a healthy coffee climate out there. There’s such a good focus on the central core components of coffee. Norwegians focus on how coffee tastes and what it tastes like. They’re making big strides in the coffee industry, and they really put the emphasis and the credit on the farmer.”

The full story: Westword


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